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What To Expect

Beast of the East Fork is the best way to kick off another beautiful Cincinnati summer.  It's a 3.2 mile obstacle course twisting through the woods and along the water of East Fork State Park; designed to give you, your friends, and your family an experience you’ll never forget. Registration will begin at 8:15am with some light snacks for that extra boost of energy.  You should be registered at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your heat. Race heats will begin at 9:00am, starting with our elite runners and finishing with our family/fun runners.


However, the day doesn’t end at the finish line!  Stick around after the race for food (included with your registration), raffle prizes, music, and relaxing by the water as you share stories from your adventures.


The Little Beast course will be constructed near race HQ for those animals who aren't quite ready for the full race (approx. ages 3-6). 

Who Should Run?

Beast of the East Fork is for the solo athlete looking for an intense workout, the business looking for a morning of team building, and the family looking for a fun way to start the summer.  Run the course at a pace of your choosing.  Obstacles are designed with a gradient of difficulty; go easy, go full-on beast mode, or go right by it.  If you're excited by the prospect of electrocution, drowning, or dismemberment, this is NOT the race for you.  While there are always inherent risks with a race of this kind, it is our vision to create a fun and memorable experience without the inclusion of unnecessary risk.  The only pain you'll feel will be self-inflicted as YOU decide how hard to push your body.  Trust us, if you want to go hard, you won't be disappointed.  Our Course page has all you need to know about what you can expect to encounter.

Who Is Our Benefiting Charity?

Because of our generous corporate sponsors, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to support Southeast Cincinnati Young Life’s Camp Scholarship Fund.  These funds go specifically and solely to assisting local adolescents experience Young Life summer camp.


Southeast Cincinnati Young Life is a youth ministry serving the Forest Hills, West Clermont, New Richmond, Clermont Northeastern, Batavia, and Williamsburg School Districts. Young Life volunteers invest 100’s of hours every year into building relationships with and mentoring adolescents in our communities.  Learn more about Young Life at and

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