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Our desire is to make the course a typical 5K distance.  However, we also want to respect the State Park and natural habitat as much as possible by primarily utilizing existing trails.  We will do our best during final course design to accomplish both of these goals and we'll get you an official distance closer to race day, but you can expect approximately 3.1 miles.



Each year we up the ante with new or reimagined obstacles. For now, here's what you can expect from previous years.

Tire Climb

Suspended between trees, this first obstacle will start the blood flowing. Scale this wall of tires as quickly as possible.

Mud Crawl

Get low and get muddy.  Did you really think you woudn't have to do this?

Tube Crawl

Have a fear of small, dark places?  Yeah, us too.  That's why this tube is one-part hard and nine-parts "Get me the heck out of here!"

Tight Rope

Walk across one rope, using your hands on a second for balance.

Spider Web

Criss crossing between a cluster of trees, this parachord web may not seem like much.  But don't underestimate the toll of simple frustrastion on mental and physical fatigue.

Wall Climb

Simple doesn't always mean easy.  Get over these walls with little or no foot holds.  Get there first before they're covered in mud.

Balance Beam

Just like when you were a kid doing gymnastics in the woods covered in mud.


Go over one, go under one, go over one, go get the idea. It is tiring and annoying, and that's why we love it.

Sandbag Carry

It has been a sandbag, it has been a cinderblock, it might be a car battery this year, who knows? But it will be heavy and you won't like carrying it.

Tire Flip

Use every major muscle group to flip these giant tires.  It's okay to borrow a friend's major muscle groups as well...

Tire Run

It's a classic and yet somehow it still trips you up.  "Why do my shoes feel like they're filled with lead?!"

Hill Climb

This should put the final touches on the lactic acid build up in your legs.  Okay fine...we'll give you a rope for assistance.

Cargo Nets

Up and over these nets suspended between trees.  It is both beautiful and daunting.

Broken Bridge

Balance and speed are key. But look at it this way, the water will wash off the mud.

Beach Run

The finish line is in sight, all that stands between you and ice cold, high quality H2O is seventy yards of 6-inch deep sand. Sorry, not sorry.

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